Local Diving in Khao Lak
Khao Lak day trips:  Dive the BoonSung Wreck !

Scuba Holiday Khao Lak, Thailand: Local diving day trips Khao Lak
 Enjoy our half day trips to the BoonSung Wreck !
- Finest local scuba diving out of Khao Lak -

Scuba Holidays in Khao Lak, Thailand
- Best with our day trips and liveaboards.

Khao Lak is a very good place to relax and can offer the very best dive sites in Thailand, such as the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and the Richelieu Rock. - Enjoy our day trips and Similan liveaboards from Khao Lak

Relaxed diving in Khao Lak takes place especially at our local dive sites.
We can provide you with good local scuba diving here in Khao Lak, not only
for beginner diving courses and preperation dives for Similan liveaboards.
There are exciting wrecks like the 80-meter cargo ship, the MV/ Sea Chart and the "Premchai Wreck" is often good for leopard shark encounters.
These day trips departing from our Khao Lak harbor Taplamu or from one of
the most beautiful beaches in Khao Lak, - the "Pakarang Cape".
After a ride of only half an hour with a traditional "Longtail Boat" and
a maximum of 5 divers on board, we get to the best dive site in Khao Lak:

The BoonSung Wreck
- A highly recommended dive excursion in Khao Lak -

In 1984, a 20m steel boat used for offshore tin mining sank under mysterious circumstances. Today it is our favorite spot for local diving in Khao Lak.
It lies at 18m depth and is already partially overgrown with corals.
People also call it "fish asylum" due to the fact that commercial fishing is
not possible on this site.

Dive local dive sites in Khao Lak, Thailand. Manta Point Khao Lak: Similan Similan liveaboards and day trips

Scuba diving like in an Aquarium

"Bad visibility because of fish !"

- is a comment many divers write in their logbooks. And that fits very well.
No other dive site around and in the Similan Islands offers more variety
and amount of fish.
Concentrated around this relatively small dive site, one can find around 60% of the species known in Thailands Andaman Sea sometimes in unbelievable amounts. Here you can find rare species like seahorses, ghostpipe fish or stonefish. Additionally, leopard sharks and small rays are resting on the bottom around the wreck sometimes.

It is also good for bigger fish: during the season 2003 / 2004 we encountered the enormous whale shark six times.
Unfortunately so far the only season with a whale shark at a local dive site.
This Khao Lak dive site is fantastic if you like diving in fish swarms and
macro life.  An Eldorado for photo- and videographer.

The BoonSung Wreck can be explored within a half day trip.
Our vessel of choice then is an in Thailand typical, so-called longtail boat, with a maximum of 5 divers on board.

For safety and comfort is taken care like on all our Khao Lak day trips:
You will find 100% emergency oxygen, first aid kit, mobile phone, professional divemaster and captain, drinking water, lunch box, fruits ect.

Nitrox 32 is available
Boats charter with private divemaster on request

The price is  2.500,- THB

2 dives,

including a full set of diving equipment. No extra cost.

Daily departures are possible  if there is a minimum of 3 divers who want to join us on this very relaxing half day trip from the beach in Khao Lak.

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Scuba diving and snorkeling in Khao Lak, Thailand

Day trips for diving to Similan Islands with daily departures
lots of comfort and fun. Day trips to Koh Bon, - our Manta
Richelieu Rock day trips and local wreck
diving trips from Khao Lak. Excellent diving in Khao Lak
since 1999. Enjoy your scuba holidays with us in Thailand.

Your Manta Point Scuba Diving Team in Khao Lak, Thailand

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Bad visibility because of fish !
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