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We have had many kids - of all ages - on board. The youngest one was little Klara, 9 months. She cruised with us for three days. The Thai crew was totally crazy about her. They carried her around and played with her all the time, giving her parents, Therese and Richard, lots of time for diving, snorkeling, swimming, and relaxation.


Naturally, on board a boat, kids - depending on age - need extra supervision as well as specific consideration. On board M/V OKTAVIA there are life jackets for children - in childrens' sizes! We recommend that kids use these also while swimming and snorkling, as the life jackets help them stay afloat and have a bright orange color making them highly visible - even from a distance.

M/V OKTAVIA cruises in a climate that is warm and sunny! Kids, being a bit more sensitive to the sun, must use more sunscreen lotion. Apply the lotion several times a day, as swimming wears it off. Making kids wear t-shirts, hats and sunglasses is recommended.

Being in a tropical climate also means that you need to drink more water. On board M/V OKTAVIA everyone - also children - receives their own refillable water bottle.

As all parents are painfully aware, kids can sometimes be a bit fussy about the food. But this is usually less of a problem on the boat. At each meal we serve three or four different dishes, and kids can always find something they like. If not, we'll fix something up! And, not to forget, playing and swimming all day make most kids very hungry - and, as we say in Swedish, "hunger is the best spice". In between meals, toast, fresh fruits, and snacks are always available.

What about seasickness? Normally, kids don't get affected too much. And the best way to avoid seasickness is to treat it before it happens by staying hydrated and making sure you don't wait too long in-between meals. We also have pills on board, should nothing else work.

At M/V OKTAVIAthere are plenty of things to do for kids during a cruise. The obvious activities are swimming, snorkeling (yes, we have childrens' size snorkeling equipment), and island excursions to play on the beach, walk nature trails, or do a treasure hunt. On board we have various games and board games as well as a computer packed with music and movies. If you really want to be on the safe side, bring the kids' favorite toys - even electric ones. We provide 220 volts electricity 24 hours each day.

The slightly older kids are often a bit more "independent" and need a little more "space". Luckily, M/V OKTAVIA is a big boat with lots of room and places for girls or boys talk!

Kids on board, no problem !
Great Fun with your kids!

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