Snorkeling Safaris in Thailand
Snorkeling at its best !  Overnight cruises from Khao Lak to Similan Islands

- Excellent Snorkel Safaris from Khao Lak, Thailand
to the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Tachai and Richelieu Rock-

Manta Point  is the only Dive Center in Khao Lak that offers
special designed boats and itineraries dedicated to snorkelers' needs.
Until now snorkelers were treated as second class customers on
dive boats, barely catered to and classified as "non-divers".

Here at Manta Point Khao Lak we do it better!

Expierence our latest project:  MV/ Oktavia
Snorkel Safaris where divers are welcome!

MV/ Oktavia  is one of the biggest and most comfortable safari
boats cruises the famous Similan Islands from Khao Lak, Thailand with
a very special schedule, itinerary and philosophy.
This terrific safari boat is owned by Mr. Kulan Bark, a nice swedish guy,
a passionated snorkeler and scuba diver. He join most of the trips to
ensure quality and harmony on all of our snorkel safaris,
where divers are welcome.

Read here about safety, itineraries, 2015/ 16 tour plan and prices
of MV/ Oktavia dive and snorkel safaris from Khao Lak

After 15 years  in business with scuba diving and snorkeling tours
here in Khao Lak, Thailand, we at MANTA POINT know how a group, couple
or family with kids can enjoy a liveaboard in the Similan Islands from
Khao Lak, esp. if not all wants to join the same activities.
Its not about scuba diving or snorkeling to join the same Similan Safari,
here on the OKTAVIA.
Its about diving and snorkeling with a full program and super service for all.
You have our word on this.

Why else  you should choose the MV/ OKTAVIA ?
There are some important feature that really set MV/ OKTAVIA apart
from other safari boats in Khao Lak and make her a better alternative for you
who want a complete and full experience at sea.

Kids on board.
And if you wonder about kids on board our Similan Snorkel Safaris:
No problems - the kids will love it!

Please contact us if you want to know more about

Safety on board  is a top priority on board Oktavia.

We are very well equipped according european standards with life rafts etc.

Please click here if you want to know about safety on board

4 different Similan cruise options

2 days / 2 nights at theSimilan Islands only
3 days / 2 nights: Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock
4 days / 4 nights: Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock
5 days / 5 nights: Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Tachai, Richelieu Rock

Click here for a tour description, schedule, itinerary and the prices

Please contact us for reservations and more information


An early bird breakfast (tea /coffee and toast) is served at 06:30.
This is followed at 07:30 by the first organized dive and snorkel session.

We return to the boat around 08:30 for the main breakfast.
The first buffet of the day and a mouthwatering selection of fried,
boiled or scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, bread, muesli
lots of fresh fruits and more!
After breakfast most people either relax on the sun deck, take a nap
in their cabins, enjoy a talk with fellow guests, tag along on a beach run
or an island excursion, or go for a snorkel session on their own.

At around 11:30  it is time for our second organized dive and
snorkel session
. This is followed by lunch. Choose from 4 delicious
Thai and Western dishes. We promise you won't lose and weight while
cruising with M/V OKTAVIA!  After lunch it is once again time to work hard -
continue reading in the hammock, tanning on sun deck, napping in the
cabin bunk, snorkeling in the warm and clear water, or some other
grueling activity.

The third organized dive and snorkel session is scheduled for around
15:00.  After that we serve some snacks and fresh fruits.
The following couple of hours are perferct for more relaxation on board
or on the beach, looking in fishguides, a snorkel session on your own,
or whatever else you feel up to.

The fourth and last dive can happen before dark at 17:00.
Just don't miss the sunset at around 18:00 - it is extremely beautiful,
esp. at the Similan Islands.
Around 19:00  it is time for a night dive for the ones that still want more diving.
Dinner is served at 20:00. The rest of evening we sit around talking over over
a couple of cold beers, perhaps looking at someone's digital photos from
the days diving or snorkeling sessions, playing a game, or watching a movie
on the flat screen TV.

Having a wonderful time
makes you tired, so most people head for their
cabins and bunks at around 22:00. Some head for the sun deck to sleep
under the stars.
We are sure you will like it.   Hope to see you soon !

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- Enjoy your Thailand holidays -
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