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Snorkel and dive safaris from Khao Lak to Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock

Exellent snorkel and dive safaris from Khao Lak to Similan Islands,
Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock

 Similan Liveaboards from Khao Lak

On this page you will find information about our understanding of social responsibility, environmental protection, safety on board, especially for children and the various travel options from 2 to 5 days.

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MV/ Oktavia Liveaboards -

  "We see our social responsibility as a vital part of our business. We continuously work on improving and increasing our efforts, because this is an area where the job is never done.
Below you can find a few examples of how M/V OKTAVIA works with issues relating to corporate social responsibility."


Environmentally Friendly Cruises
Conducting environmentally friendly business is a top priority at
MV/ OKTAVIA.  For example, we recycle batteries and aluminum cans; we equip all guests with refillable instead of disposable plastic water bottles; we don't allow anything to be thrown overboard; and our toilets flush into a large septic tank located on engine deck. It goes without saying that we don't allow fishing in protected areas or the handling of any marine life what so ever. While in the Similan and Surin Islands National Marine Parks, we take nothing but photographs, and we leave nothing but footprints.

In order to minimize our diesel consumption, we make an effort to carefully plan our cruise routes so the captain never needs to drive at high speed and can run on low RPMs. And, we regularly maintain and service our engines. This greatly improves gas mileage. In addition, we organize pick-ups and carpooling to bring our guests from their hotels to the boat.

At our office location, we minimize the use of electricity, water and paper. And we recycle!

Business Ethics
At MV/ OKTAVIA  we believe in an ethical approach to business. That means we follow not only laws and regulations, but also adhere to ethical business principles. For example, we pay our employees and suppliers on time; we take all possible measures to avoid corruption; and we fulfill our obligations and promises to partners and guests. When we make mistakes, we act forcefully and swiftly to remedy the situation. We expect the same from our partners and suppliers.

Community Contributions & Charity
MV/ OKTAVIA  aims to help improve the local community and people's lives. We create employment for a number of people, helping them support their families; we pay taxes, adding to the income of the local government; and we support local commerce by purchasing goods that are locally produced.

Each year we also donate a portion of our profits to local charity.

Employee Relations
At MV/ OKTAVIA  we work hard to offer a workplace that is safe and based on principals of mutual respect. We carry out frequent inspections of the boat and its equipment and facilities in order to prevent employee injuries and health hazards. The working hours and the salaries of the employees are kept in line with the legal requirements and local industry standards. Every year new salaries are negotiated. M/V OKTAVIA also pays social security contributions for all Thai staff, giving them access to free health care.


Can you bring your kids on board

Absolutely !!
We have had many kids - of all ages - on board. The youngest one was little Klara, 9 months. She cruised with us for three days. The Thai crew was totally crazy about her. They carried her around and played with her all the time, giving her parents, Therese and Richard, lots of time for diving, snorkeling, swimming, and relaxation.


Safety and Comfort for Kids
Naturally, on board a boat, kids - depending on age - need extra supervision as well as specific consideration. On board M/V OKTAVIA there are life jackets for children - in childrens' sizes! We recommend that kids use these also while swimming and snorkling, as the life jackets help them stay afloat and have a bright orange color making them highly visible - even from a distance.

M/V OKTAVIA cruises in a climate that is warm and sunny! Kids, being a bit more sensitive to the sun, must use more sunscreen lotion. Apply the lotion several times a day, as swimming wears it off. Making kids wear t-shirts, hats and sunglasses is recommended.

Being in a tropical climate also means that you need to drink more water. On board M/V OKTAVIA everyone - also children - receives their own refillable water bottle.

As all parents are painfully aware, kids can sometimes be a bit fussy about the food. But this is usually less of a problem on the boat. At each meal we serve three or four different dishes, and kids can always find something they like. If not, we'll fix something up! And, not to forget, playing and swimming all day make most kids very hungry - and, as we say in Swedish, "hunger is the best spice". In between meals, toast, fresh fruits, and snacks are always available.

What about seasickness? Normally, kids don't get affected too much. And the best way to avoid seasickness is to treat it before it happens by staying hydrated and making sure you don't wait too long in-between meals. We also have pills on board, should nothing else work.

Activities and Entertainment for Kids
At M/V OKTAVIA  there are plenty of things to do for kids during a cruise. The obvious activities are swimming, snorkeling (yes, we have childrens' size snorkeling equipment), and island excursions to play on the beach, walk nature trails, or do a treasure hunt. On board we have various games and board games as well as a computer packed with music and movies. If you really want to be on the safe side, bring the kids' favorite toys - even electric ones. We provide 220 volts electricity 24 hours each day.

The slightly older kids are often a bit more "independent" and need a little more "space". Luckily, M/V OKTAVIA is a big boat with lots of room and places for girls or boys talk!

Safety on board our Similan Liveaboards

On board M/V OKTAVIA safety is a top priority. After boarding you will receive a thorough presentation of the ship and the safety routines and procedures on board. We will of course show you were all the different safety equipment is located as well as give you tips how to make your cruise extra comfortable as well as safe.
In the unlikely event that an emergency situation would arise, on board there are life rafts with space for everyone, first-aid trained personnel, a well stocked first-aid box, life rings, oxygene, plenty of fire extinguishers, life vests - also in childrens' sizes, dinghy, satellite telephone, mobile phone, and radio. In addition, each crew member is equipped with a walkie talkie, enabling quick and effective intra-crew communication.

High water alarm siren. On board M/V OKTAVIA the dive deck and dive platform is CCTV-monitored from the bridge, the cooking gas bottles are placed outside for maximum safety, and our scuba diving and snorkeling equipment is in very good shape and serviced regularly. The doors to the cabins are sliding doors, which offer more space and less risk for obstructions should an evacuation be necessary.

All scuba diving is done in buddy pairs and led by an experienced guide. We do a 5m safety stop on every dive. The closest re-compression chamber is in Patong Beach, Phuket, approximately 120km south of Khao Lak.

A typical day on board MV/ OKTAVIA

An early bird breakfast (tea/coffee and toast) is served at 06:30. This is followed at 07:30 by the first organized dive and snorkel session.

We return to the boat around 08:30 for the main breakfast. Feast on fried, boiled or scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, bread, lots of fresh fruit, and more!
After breakfast most people either relax on the sun deck, take a nap in their cabins, enjoy a talk with fellow guests, tag along on a beach run or an island excursion, or go for a snorkel session on their own.

At around 11:30 it is time for our second organized dive and snorkel session. This is followed by lunch. Choose from 3-4 delicious Thai and Western dishes. We promise you won't lose and weight while cruising with M/V OKTAVIA! After lunch it is once again time to work hard - continue reading in the hammock, tanning on sun deck, napping in the cabin bunk, snorkeling in the warm and clear water, or some other grueling activity.
The third organized dive and snorkel session is scheduled for around 15:00. After that we serve some snacks and fresh fruits. The following couple of hours are perferct for more relaxation on board or on the beach, looking in fish guides, a swim or snorkel session on your own, or whatever else you feel up to.

Just don't miss the sunset at around 18:00 - it is extremely beautiful! Around 19:00 it is time for a night dive for the ones that still want more diving. Dinner is served at 20:00. The rest of evening we sit around talking over over a couple of cold Singha Beers, perhaps looking at someone's digital photos from the days' diving or snorkling sessions, playing a game, or watching a movie on the flat screen TV.

Having a wonderful time
makes you tired, so most people head for their cabins and bunks at around 22:00. Some head for the sun deck to sleep under the stars.

                     Try it - you'll love it!



We offer primarily three different cruise options:

2 days/ 2 nights:

Departure with MV/ OKTAVIA, 2 days/ 2 nights cruise among the Similan Islands, and a return trip with speedboat. Perfect for guests with less time available, but still want to experience the Similan Islands. See the detailed itinerary in the table below.

3 days/ 2 nights:

Departure with speedboat, 3 days/ 2 nights cruise to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Surin Islands, and Richelieu Rock. Return trip with MV/ OKTAVIA. Perfect for guests who want to dive and snorkel the slightly more "exotic" and "wild" sites as well. See the detailed itinerary in the table below.

5 days/ 5 nights:

Departure with MV/ OKTAVIA, 5 days/ 5 nights cruise among the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Surin Islands, and Richelieu Rock. Return trip with MV/ OKTAVIA. Perfect for guests who want the full experience. See the detailed itinerary in the table below.

Note! The itinerary is subject to water and weather conditions.

4 days/4 nights: Note! The first six as well as the last three cruises of the season are to the Similan Islands only.

If the weather permits a cruise to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock we will go there.

Departure and Return Trip is with MV/ OKTAVIA.


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